Service professionnel d'électricien à Outremont - résidentiel et commercial

Mile End Electric offers an electrician service specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems for residents in Outremont.

The electrical services we offer in Outremont :

  • Electrical repairs of all kinds
  • Replacement and installation of an electronic or electric thermostat
  • Addition and replacement of electrical outlets, switches and lighting
  • Installing an electric car charging station
  • Electrical furnace connection
  • Diagnosis of electrical problems
  • Connection of household appliances
  • Water heater maintenance, connection, repair or installation
  • Spa, pool and heat pump connection
  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Wiring for garage and shed
  • Private courses in electricity (home basics)
  • Electrical circuit repair
  • Light installation
  • Inspection of your installations
  • Installation of baseboard heaters and convectors


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Équipe Professionnelle - Électricien à Outremont

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